underwear Bra

My sister is in there because of the delay can not find women fear and worry into the left? Want to increase their power to exert pressure to bid farewell to his single life? Wish to do so on the countdown together, right? 99 grand here, a Triumph to recommend to you a license (the company's brand philosophy is special, not the best game of the buttocks is the time Bra) marriage countdown Bra. The removal of the ordinary underwear Bra structure and function, but also of a special attached to timer: Once you set the time, it is time to start your single years, force you to allow time to perform mad

marriaged? When you meet their Mr.Right, BizArt day Shuangfei marriage ring can also be used to Add the timer above the mouth of the small, Bra wedding march will be able to congratulate you on your play with the end-result. 99 Quotations: If you wear the bra in the number of clicks to participate in party, you remove the harvest much attention, but also very likely to be the absolute popular Counter-Strike!

Audi brand Centennial limited edition watches

Audi brand in 2009 coincided with the centennial, to that end, Audi introduced a special limited edition watch centennial (the new Audi Centennial Timepiece). This high-end watches to commemorate the Audi design department from research and development, and together Munich's world-renowned manufacturer of watches and clocks rui bao Table (Chronoswiss) for manufacturing and production, its design inspiration from the legendary Motor Company joint (Auto Union) car .

Audi centennial watch perfect integration of the standard indicator face plate, speed dial and the timer. Design in order to achieve this, Audi designers original clock and the second hand to a bias setting, the ultimate in dial retains the central minute hand and the only time a red pin, making the wearer can easily dial the complexity of the time read out. The speed dial around the red dial and needle each other time, the timer can be directly installed in the crown of the button to start.

Audi centennial watch in its overall design is also unique. The entire dial enamel from the real thing is made of the use of a new crown-shaped design of the gear, and from the dial back the transparent glass can be engraved to see there are one hundred anniversary of Audi's movement before the word Godot. Word of the painted surface of crystal clear, seemed to come to the thirties among Grand Prix Competition Type C vehicle tachometer.

Audi centennial watch a limited worldwide edition of 100, each representing a one-year history of Audi. 35 of them watch the use of platinum material, other 65 of the platinum material is used. All watches are matt black surface of the wood jewelry box packaging, and with a magnifying glass and watch a professional driver.


09 freshly Miss Universe Japan, abnormal hot

11, 2009 Miss Universe Japan contest finals held in Tokyo, a girl named Coronation Miyasaka, was elected "Miss Universe Japan" and participate on behalf of the Japanese will be August 23 this year in the Bahamas at the world final of Miss Universe .

There were also reports yesterday that China is not the best man and the object of international marriages is why the Japanese women.

Let's take a look at this newly elected Miss Japan, what a long look in the end. The dress, Miss Japan, not many are hot talent show, not Cheat Sheet reported "Miss Chunhyang" comparable, please go to work in about the fried rice look around, otherwise people see what you see, thought it unhealthy ..


The first anniversary of Wenchuan earthquake

14:28 on May 12, I think this is the conscience of any of the people all the time will never be forgotten. Merciless natural disaster, an earthquake of 8, so that all vanish in an instant: 60,000 compatriots, from this, we can only each other the next day.

Valentine's natural disasters have no great love, great Wenchuan earthquake, so that a long backlog for a long time in the hearts of the people's patriotic sentiments were unreserved burst out. We are a Chinese people's feelings, has never been as strong.Remember that the whole country, boundless love.

That was the week after the earthquake, I and my father drove trucks River Tour in Guangzhou, I heard radio host Guangzhou to call, three hours after a group of relief supplies to disaster areas through the train to an emergency, it is the need for a large number of volunteers to to assist the loading station.

After the hearing, the father did not want to think about the railway station to open on a U-turn. Less than an hour, the railway station before the full stop colored taxis and private cars, Volunteer to three-digit entry. We no say, very understanding of the collar after a towel on the full return of investment, excluding the "goods on the train" of the work.Completed the task, watched the train drifting further and further away, to leave.

The feelings of the people, we must not forget "pressure does not have any difficulty was the great Chinese people" in this sentence the words articulated so forcefully, so that we have is so emotional, tears. Wenchuan, the first anniversary of the. When we bow in silence, I think we should to think, a major earthquake, what we bring, what to leave. Thank Wenchuan!His education, including myself, a whole generation of people! What is the education of our people, what is meant by unity from top to bottom; education us, so that we burst out. An unprecedented feeling of patriotism. "Road trip to" The beauty in the most earthquake.

More than D cup size lingerie big additional increases will be £ 2

Leading British department store chain, is also the largest underwear industry, "Marks & Spencer department store," more than D cup size lingerie big additional increases will be 2 pounds (about 20 yuan).

More than this by the British tabloid coverage has caused many women dissatisfied with chest fullness, some people think that this is a tax on the big chest women.

Nearly 13,000 people in a joint protest through Facebook, and even threatened the future women's organizations in the general meeting of shareholders after the downtown market, Marks & Spencer on the 8th finally forced to repeal the provisions of the bra cup, and all agreed that in order to curry favor with 25 percent price reduction people.

JuliaD to say, this is not discrimination it, do not use a cloth Well it is really not fare.

This is the women's movement is not too go too far? The chart to see the bra in it? This fabric is much more than normal ones.


How to prevent swine flu

1, hand-washing is the most important task

The most important task is to wash your hands to wash their hands at the end of alcohol for milk or foam disinfectant to kill bacteria or viruses are also very good results.

2, to avoid hand contact with eyes, nose and mouth

To more and more evidence that the virus can be retained in the micro-desktop, telephone or other flat surface, and then through the fingers and the eyes, nose, mouth contact to spread.

3, when sneezing or coughing to cover up his hands

Sneezing, coughing and physical contact are likely to lead to this new type of swine influenza virus to spread among the crowd, so when sneezing or coughing or hand towel to cover up and so on.

4, fever seek medical attention as soon as possible

Have respiratory symptoms or fever should wear a mask and seek medical attention as soon as possible. If flu symptoms appear, do not go to work or school. If the outbound or return journey after the fever, the doctor should inform the relevant travel history.

5, from the start to prevent the common cold

May wish to use Banlangen, mulberry leaves, leaves, yellow leaves, chrysanthemum pot of water use, physical cold can put ginger, Chenpi protect stomach. Furthermore, it can also take Qingkailing oral, anti-virus for the prevention of oral liquid.

6, to avoid contact with the patient breathing

Any influenza, have the need to avoid contact with respiratory tract infections, and to prevent them from being transmitted. The swine influenza (H1N1) greater need for additional attention!

7, do not eat pork not cooked

And, like avian influenza virus, swine influenza virus, such as poor resistance to the outside world in general in high-temperature (71 degrees Celsius) can kill after.

8, to avoid crowds

Swine influenza in crowded environment more susceptible to infection. Requirements of people in public places to maintain at least 1.8 meters between the distance measure is the swine flu epidemic inhibit an effective way.

The swine influenza virus has a characteristic that is offensive to the young and middle-aged, and Mexico confirmed the majority of the dead, all of them are in the 25-year-old to 45 years old. Health experts advise, after the outbreak of influenza is difficult to prevent it from spreading, but common sense can help individuals protect themselves. They pointed out that the most important task is to wash your hands to wash their hands at the end of alcohol for milk or foam disinfectant to kill bacteria or viruses are also very good results. The United States "Centers for Disease Control" (CDC) Deputy Director besser (Richard Besser), said: "when coughing or sneezing, cover, wash hands frequently."

Will not eat pork so the spread of swine flu? In general, the current H1N1 long as there is no variation, heated to 71 ℃ can be killed, blind people do not have to worry about.

Because the H1N1 swine influenza virus subtype H1N1 virus with the human antigen is very different, seasonal influenza vaccines can not provide protection for the human. In order to prevent infection, should take the following measures:

Keep hands clean and wash hands properly. If there is no obvious dirt, the alcohol can be anxious and disinfection solution. To avoid hand contact with eyes, nose and mouth.

When sneezing or coughing to cover mouth and nose. Do not spitting, spitting should be to wrap secretions, disposed of in covered containers. Have respiratory symptoms or fever should wear a mask and seek medical attention as soon as possible.

If flu symptoms appear, do not go to work or school. If the outbound or return journey after a fever or flu-like symptoms, seek medical treatment immediately to inform doctors about travel history.


Mother's Day

Mother’s Day falls on different days in different countries in all months except January. Mother’s Day has a few different origins.

The first celebrations in honor of mothers were held in the spring in ancient Greece. They paid tribute to Rhea, the Mother of the Gods. During the 17th century, England honored mothers on "Mothering Sunday," celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent. In the United States, Julia Ward Howe suggested the idea of Mother's Day in 1872. Howe saw Mother's Day as being dedicated to peace.

Anna Jarvis of Philadelphia is credited with bringing about the official observance of Mother's Day in the USA. Her campaign to establish such a holiday began as a remembrance of her mother, who died in 1905 and who had, in the late 19th century, tried to establish "Mother's Friendship Days" as a way to heal the scars of the Civil War.

The first Mother’s Day in the USA was started by Anna Jarvis who in 1907 passed out 500 white carnations in her church in Grafton, West Virgina. The first Mother’s Day service was celebrated on May 10, 1908.

In 1910, West Virginia became the first state to recognize Mother's Day. A year later, nearly every state officially marked the day. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson officially proclaimed Mother's Day as a national holiday to be held on the second Sunday of May.

Today many celebrations of Mother's Days are held throughout the world. Although they do not all fall at the same time, such countries as Denmark, Finland, Italy, Turkey, Australia and Belgium also celebrate Mother's Day on the same day as the United States.

Don't forget Mother's Day. Make your Mom breakfast in bed, buy her a bunch of flowers and some chocolates and, most importantly, tell her how much you love and respect her.

Bees, though small, create one billion pounds per year

"If bees die, it is only four years of human living has been good." Is said to be Albert Einstein's published "On the end of the world" and, of course, is Who's not important, it is important that this point of view tells us that bees on the global agricultural economy plays a role can not be ignored.

It is estimated that bees solve the one-third of our food. Decrease in the number of bee pollen directly related to teaching, which not only led to sharp drop of honey and plants, but also endanger the survival of the industry rely on bees, caused by rising food prices.

It is no wonder that the number of bees so that everyone worried about the drop ah. Inter-related biological chain that really is. 2007 data from the United Kingdom National Audit Office confirmed the importance of the economic value of bees.

Bee industry is estimated that the value of the services of up to 200 million pounds each year through the realization of bee pollination is the retail value of up to one billion pounds a year. It should be a sentence the famous, "is the concentrated essence of" you.

At present, because of climate variability, coupled with the spread of the disease, dramatically reduce the number of bees, the consequence could be disastrous. Food prices will certainly rise, and the need to address the food needs through imports, and that the British are bound to follow the eating habits changed dramatically.

Although now is the use of human Shan feather broom used to brush pollen (bee saying China has some of the region is not through human achievement of the pollination of the pear), but the face of high costs and lack of large-scale implementation of the various problem, it seems this method it is very difficult work.


"Forbes" announced in 2009 the world's top ten luxury brands

"Forbes" has recently published the 2009 version of the world's top ten list of luxury brands, LV tops the list, the top three unchanged, Cartier had the largest decrease, from fourth place last year dropped to seventh place, because they hit some of your immense giant Diamond, Diamond sales are poor form. Ranks eighth in last year's Armani (Giorgio Armani) brand value plummeted this year, 2.02 billion U.S. dollars (about 13.8 billion yuan), or nearly 40%, or a list of the top ten luxury brands.

Ranked the company's brand value (100 million U.S. dollars) last year, ranking
1 Louis Vuitton (LV) 194 1
2 Hermes (Hermes) 78.6 2
3 Gucci (Gucci) 74.7 3
4 Chanel (Chanel) 62.2 5
5 Rolex (Rolex) 55.3 6
6 Hennessy (Hennessy) 54 7
7 Cartier (Cartier) 49.1 4
8 Moet & Chandon Champagne (Moet & Chandon) 48.5 9
9 Fendi (Fendi) 34.7 10
10 Prada (Prada) 27 12


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