On A Psalm of Life


A Psalm of Life, written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow who is one of the most celebrated American poets in the nineteenth century, is an outstanding poem. This poem holds an active, positive and optimistic attitude towards to life. In addition, Longfellow endows this poem the special poetic form. Therefore, this poem wins great praise. A Psalm of Life is full of vigor and inspiration, and it gives great encouragement to generation after generation.
This article focuses on the content, the artistic features of form, and the unification of content and form of A Psalm of Life. The artistic features of form mainly embody in the special visual angle, the concise linguistic feature, the unique rhetorical skill, and the reasonable internal structure. Through analyzing, we will easily know that Longfellow puts the healthy public opinion and right outlook on life value into the vivid and vigorous poetic form to achieve the perfect unification of content and form of A Psalm of Life.
A Psalm of Life has been the best-loved poem for many years. Nowadays, no matter where we are, we will feel the enthusiasm of life and the power of advancement when we enjoy A Psalm of Life.

Key words: Longfellow; A Psalm of Life; content; artistic features of form; unification

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The Analysis of the Language Characteristics of I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud


Poetry is a splendid art. The language of a poem, which promotes the development of the poem, varies so much in some aspects. Poetic language, which gives people imagination, enlightenment and power, is different from ordinary speech. In this paper, the writer intends to make an analysis of the language characteristics of “I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud” by William Wordsworth which was written during the Romantic Era. The writer hopes this paper will be useful to poetry-lovers to promote their understanding of this poem.

Key words: sound; metre;diction; sentence; rhetoric

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English Teachers’ Roles during the Teaching Process


Teachers are the stanchions of education and the linchpins of educational reform, and the educational level depends on the qualities of teachers directly. According to the development of socialization of the world and the requests for the development of knowledge and economy, the limitations of the traditional teachers’ roles are more and more obvious, so the change of them becomes necessary. In my opinion, English teachers play roles in the education of our country, and they play the multi-ply roles which are connected with each other in the teaching process. This thesis firstly gives the readers the explanation of teaching process and English teachers’ roles in teaching process, then I will analyze the multi-ply roles of English teachers from some examples, and how to play these roles well. This thesis is focused on the analyses of the multi-ply roles of English teachers in teaching process, but also including how to play these roles well.

Key Words: teaching process;English teachers’ roles during teaching process;organizers;communicators;assessors;controllers;participants; stimulators;consulters;and other roles.

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Switzerland biggest names in the Roman Table 2011

Switzerland biggest names in the Roman Table 2011 Sammo Hung joined forces with the film

Beginning of the year 2011, Hung was invited to speak for the Swiss luxury watch Roman table. During the interview, Sammo Hung on the wrist of the Roman table shining, the next eldest child, became a flash. One is the watch industry giant, one is the dean of film, combining the strengths of each other just like two bright stars and write a legendary cast into a period of time. Watches

Paid off, the Roman form and origin of the legend Sammo Hung have to say

Gears, and time leisurely. The accumulation of years of achievements of the Swiss quality and reputation of the Roman table, but also the achievements of the Hong Kong film called "Big Brother" and Sammo Hung. Accumulation time and hone casting the meaning of Swiss Roman Table: Each high-quality materials only Swiss Roman table at the factory to undergo multiple testing and inspection program to ensure reliable performance and impeccable quality. Simple and elegant style makes it a symbol of quality of life. Hundred and twenty three years of tireless efforts to make the pursuit of the Swiss Roman table elegant style, the attitude of a noble life of luxury in every detail step by step in the implementation. Similarly, honed through the years, weathered, Sammo Hung paid off, a film on the great master. Their participation in a number of films directed by Chinese film has become a classic. He himself has also repeatedly won the Hong Kong Film Awards, the Asia-Pacific Film Festival Best Actor Award and other honors. Watches

Swiss Roman table and Sammo Hung have gone through years of trials. "I chose to speak Swiss Roman form of struggle because it reminds me of my life, pursuit, and never give up. I think, to some extent, the Roman Table is a spiritual pursuit." Sammo Hung feel. Watches

Legends and heroes and heroines are popular, is the persistent attitude and the times ahead context of the profound vision. Confidence in the Swiss series shines the Roman table listing the perfect continuation of the classic Roman design of the table model. Hollow outer dial watch design, great architecture and mysterious beauty. The surface of stainless steel case with a simple, concise and easy to sub-scale time scale, no lines, no red tape, always showing the characteristics of the elegant and capable. Swiss manual winding mechanical movement with a stainless steel or rose gold case, and with a leather strap, as always, distinguished and elegant. Wear anti-reflective sapphire crystal mirror, 6-bit display panel and the primary three-pin 30-meter water resistance, continue the fine quality Swiss-made. Swiss Roman table of modern life in the hustle and bustle of high-end watch this launch is a continuation of their own culture and inheritance, but also on the response times. Watches

For a watch brand, through a century of development and transformation, and ultimately the world will never forget that Rome always the tremendous power of the table! Rome, Switzerland, from now on the table will be its perfect quality and service to create the most sincere heart delivered to every corner of the world!

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