Dysmenorrhea is not disease tolerance

Dysmenorrhea is not disease tolerance
And "the bad", those few days each month, on the Hai-ling is simply "the end of the world" can not do nothing but lie on the bed with hot towel and cover the stomach. School, her mother told her: "like a married"; work, colleagues said: "After giving birth has been good." And most of his girlfriend also told her that a few days like a normal pain. But now she has been married 3 years, although the husband has been working, but even stomach tumor not long, only a month always intolerable pain. Mother-in-law more and more ugly looking face, Hailing the courage to go to the hospital to do a comprehensive examination, the doctor told her that she is closely related to infertility and dysmenorrhea, the exact cause is - endometriosis!
Dysmenorrhea also at "birth" with "the day after tomorrow"
Guangdong Province, according to the second hospital of Chinese medicine physicians Xu, deputy director of gynecologic Introduction: Dysmenorrhea is divided into two types, primary and secondary.
Female genital diseases are not organic Dysmenorrhea called "Primary Dysmenorrhea", it has a "congenital." To this part of the beginning of menstruation, when women began to pain.
Due to genital lesions caused by dysmenorrhea, referred to as the "Secondary dysmenorrhea", that is, pathological dysmenorrhea, and its more complex etiology. Dysmenorrhea such periods are generally a period of time, only beginning to emerge, but the pain has nothing to do with the menstrual cycle in non-menstrual period have pelvic pain, menstrual period and add to. Endometriosis, reproductive tract abnormalities, pelvic inflammatory disease (acute, chronic) and so may lead to dysmenorrhea, which is required to determine the cause of series of checks.
Secondary dysmenorrhea may be caused by infertility
Hailing, like many people, never thought to see a doctor for Dysmenorrhea up eating just a few tablets painkillers. It is not that these mothers hope that "like a child", but the fundamental of Health found no children!
"Infertility patients with dysmenorrhea associated with 40%." Xu pointed out that, in fact, many people's menstrual period pain is endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease such as dysmenorrhea caused by pathological, is not to reduce the marriage, but also increasing, which is the most terrible consequences of infertility .
In addition, although the Primary Dysmenorrhea generally does not affect fertility, but with the girls grew older, the persistence of primary dysmenorrhea may develop into a pathological dysmenorrhea, then the combined incidence of infertility rate was quite high.
Dysmenorrhea Tips to deal with a homogeneous
Step one: There are dysmenorrhea, do routine examinations, rule out the possibility of secondary dysmenorrhea.
Dysmenorrhea menarche and women: B super pelvic examination
Dysmenorrhea in young women is very powerful: B super + anal inspection
Dysmenorrhea sexual life of women: B super and woman examination.
Step Two: to deal with dysmenorrhea. 1. Peacetime should pay attention to personal hygiene, especially menstrual health. Menstrual period, the spirit of optimism in order to maintain comfortable; proper rest and avoid fatigue, severe dysmenorrhea, it is best to stay in bed for half a day, this can greatly reduce pain; in the food and drink should be warm, cold bogey; avoid wetlands sit or take rain wading body shower should not be too frequent; underwear and toilet paper to change frequently.
2. To do a good job of contraceptive measures to prevent repeated abortion, medical abortion on uterine damage and reduce the risk of infection.
3. Pay attention to the choice of contraceptive methods. Dysmenorrhea and tools there is a certain relationship between contraceptives, intrauterine device placed in particular, often increase the degree of dysmenorrhea. Oral contraceptives will reduce the primary incidence of dysmenorrhea, as well as the degree of dysmenorrhea.
4. Menstruation, postpartum recovery period should be no sexual intercourse, to avoid premature sex.
Step three:woman examination regular basis, to detect some gynecological diseases.
Some early lesions may not have genital symptoms or minor symptoms, such as the uterine muscle, about 30% of adenovirus disease have no clinical symptoms; a number of congenital genital malformation or may not have symptoms early.
Step Four: timely medical treatment.
80% -90% of women will feel discomfort during menstruation, as long as the framework of the tolerable, are not a disease. Dysmenorrhea once affected the normal life of work and, in particular, repeated pelvic inflammatory disease attack, aggravated sexual dysmenorrhea, irregular menstrual cycle, menorrhagia, intrauterine IUD placed, such as a history of infertility should go to the hospital as soon as possible to identify the reasons for different treatment of primary disease

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a major women's health against cancer, each year about the world more than 100 million women with breast cancer. In 2006, an average of every 13 minutes a woman dying from breast cancer; an average of every 2 and a half minutes that is, a woman was diagnosed with breast cancer patients ... ...
A wide range of symptoms of breast cancer
A wide range of symptoms of breast cancer is not there or at the same time, the following are typical signs of breast cancer patients:
Breast mass in the hospital's breast cancer patients to as the first symptom of breast masses are more than 90%. Patients often inadvertently found that more than a single hair, quality hardware, edge irregular surface less smooth. The majority of breast cancer as a painless lump, a small number of cases with varying degrees of pain or irritation. Depression skin may appear like a "dimple", it is referred to as the "dimple sign." By cancer cells blocking the lymphatic vessels, causing edema, breast orange peel-like skin changes, symptoms, also known as orange peel.
Nipple discharge from the nipple out of non-pregnancy blood, serous, milk, pus, or to stop breast-feeding for more than six months who are still out of milk, known as nipple discharge. Discharge of the nature of breast cancer for the bloody, serous or water samples.
Nipple and areola nipple usually different skin itching, erosion, rupture, scab, desquamative, with burning sensation, and nipple retraction.
Axillary lymph nodes to axillary lymph nodes often as the first symptom, the late and also in the contralateral supraclavicular palpable axillary lymph node metastasis. Breast cancer led to the "killer"
1, genetic factors are family history of breast cancer than of breast cancer incidence in families without a family history of high incidence of breast cancer 2-3 times.
2, normal spontaneous abortion is not excessive increase in the risk of breast cancer, and repeated abortions, or 18-year-old to have an abortion many times before, and easily lead to breast disease, increased risk of breast cancer.
3, reproductive and feeding a large number of investigations in recent years to prove: large families, multi-feeding may increase the chance of breast cancer. Age at first marriage, the higher the incidence of breast cancer. The prevention of breast cancer breast-feeding is the best means of natural breast-feeding can reduce the risk of breast cancer occurred in 20-30%.
4, when the spirit of factors has long been tension anxiety, loneliness depressed, irritable or angry mood adverse stimulus, the organism occurred in the lives of rhythm disorders, neuro-endocrine system dysfunction, which led to an imbalance in the environment, decreased immunity allows the generation and release of thymocytes thymosin reduced lymphocytes, macrophages of mutant cells in vivo monitoring of capacity and a reduced ability to swallow, cancer-prone.
5, the excessive accumulation of fat because too much fat, estrogen can increase the generation of excess estrogen was after fat stored in fat tissue, and we will continue to release into the blood, resulting stimulation of breast tissue over time and easy to cause breast cancer.
6, to bad habits as smoking, alcoholism as a "fashionable", all through the night and are immersed in the false picture of life without the law. Long-term consumption of meat, eggs, butter, cheese, sweets, animal fats, such as breast cancer can increase the risk of the food, and green vegetables, fruits, fish, low-fat dairy products such as breast cancer can reduce the risk of food contact too little.